Friday, October 9, 2015

The Thirty-Percent Story

This week.....the German Interior Minister.....Thomas de Maiziere.....said that roughly thirty percent of the refugees coming into Germany who say they are Syrian....ARE NOT Syrians.

The journalists in Germany got all hyped up about this comment and the statistical number.

The next issue?  Well....the source for this number is said to be the German Police....but they say they really didn't start the number story.  The German office for refugees?  They hinted that they didn't start the story.  And Frontex....the EU agency who might know about this they didn't start the story.

A fake number tied to comments by the Interior Minister?  Maybe.  That's what the national news media will say in public.

The problem is that there are hundreds of statistics that come out daily from the German statistical folks and they don't get officially released.  Generally, if you started to pump out statistical'd start to scare the journalists because there has to be a story behind every number change or such.

The thirty percent not being Syrians?  I'm guessing that someone noted over a one-month period that roughly thirty percent of the folks processing through.....had issues on the documentation and it was obvious they didn't know much about Syria, while claiming to be from there.  Once you ask five questions on Syrian sports or TV shows, and the guy misses four of the five just start shaking your head.  Simply my humble guess.

Somewhere down the just start to suspect that some German bureaucrat will create some forty-question test and mandate each guy or gal on an Syrian visa deal must show up and pass some Syria test.  Syrians will be standing there and shaking their heads.  A German testing you on Syrian affairs, and grading you on your Syrian status?

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