Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Kiss Story

More German cops got called yesterday to another refugee center.  From what they was one of those comical things that you'd think was a joke but's not a joke.

Cops say that some Iraqi guy in this one refugee center....had kissed a married Afghani gal on the cheek.

It took a number of minutes, but eventually a hundred of the refugees from this center were all up in arms....either protecting the poor Iraqi guy or attempting to kill the Iraqi guy.

Cops got called and roughly ninety of them had to get into the middle of this serious kissy-kiss situation and put the weight of authority upon the crowd.

What happened to the Iraqi guy?  No one says much but I'm guessing he got removed from that camp and is now in some other camp.  But with Facebook and social media.....his name and passion for trouble will eventually get to the new camp and he'll be in more trouble.

Will this hinder the Iraqi guy's chances for asylum?  Well, I'm guessing someone in the German government will want to note this discrepancy and attitude problem with the Iraqi guy.  But a kiss is just a kiss.....right? just don't do that in a true Muslim society....especially with a gal who is already married.  In a German society?'s best not to bring this up.

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