Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Seven Million Extra Folks

Some German journalist finally brought this up....I was reading it this morning in Focus.....that while a bunch of these refugees and immigrants in Germany (the one-million-plus for 2015) are young males....there's this new factor of the German government now realizing that as they grant asylum or visas to these young guys.....they will want to bring their wife, their cousin, their entire family....into Germany.

So one-million-plus really equals seven million potential players.

If you walked out into most German communities and you talked to the pro-asylum folks (who the news media claims are in the 80-percent approval rating of the current situation).....then mention this flipping to seven million, well....this might disturb a significant number of Germans.

To be honest, just on housing issues alone....I don't see how the German system can consume and absorb that many folks over the next two or three years.  There's simply not enough apartments or houses.  Even if they got aggressive....Germans take forever to get a project approved and you could be looking at thirty-six months to construct an apartment house and have it ready for folks to move in.

Creating more problems for the political folks?

Yeah.....go ahead and just plan on massive public anxiety somewhere down the line.

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