Sunday, October 11, 2015

Restaurant Review: Wirthaus im Schloss (Taunusstein)

For those who live around the Wiesbaden region, there are probably sixty great restaurants in the region to enjoy a fine dinner.  If you add in the region itself and expand the can throw another forty-odd restaurants onto the list.  Wirthaus im Schloss is one of those places.

Tannusstein is a 20-minute drive from Wiesbaden itself....heading north into the higher elevation.  From November to March....I tend to warn folks about going there if there is any inclement weather. Wiesbaden can get a scattering of snow, while Tannusstein might get three inches of snow.

On Weiherstrasse Six, the Schloss sits.  I admit, the parking lot is slightly limited and you need to get there early.  In addition, because of heavy usage of the need to call and make an reservation at least a week ahead of time.  Friday and Saturday night have high usage.

Expect the charm of a true German restaurant.....lots of wood....old-world charm....friendly staff....and a hefty amount of beer and wine offerings.

I had the Ox-goulash with dumplings and it was a four-star dish.  What you tend to note from the whole menu is most range from 8-Euro to 20-Euro.  Everything comes out on big platters and you will not walk away from the dinner feeling empty.

Note, the enter-point is actually around at the rear of the place.  In the summer, they have tables and chairs around the backside, and it's a fine place for an afternoon beer or apple-wine.

If you wanted to impress the wife or guests visiting from the states....this would be one of those places that would do the job.  Real German character, great food, and the pricing is reasonable.

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