Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shift in Numbers

The German state-run TV network....ARD...Channel One.....did another poll and asked Germans about their feelings now over the refugee crisis.  Things over the past sixty days have shifted.

What ARD now says from the polling data is that fifty-one percent of the public is now worried about how this will turn out.  Six weeks ago, it would have been near thirty-eight percent.

The cause?  They went into some analysis but it was obvious that the media has not delivered the message and public has not grasped the proper message that they put out.

In general.....the public has reached a state where they are skeptical of both politicians and journalists.  That was probably not the case a year ago....or even six months ago.  But in recent weeks....more and more Germans ask questions and the answers just aren't worth discussing.  When they shifted around and admitted the 850,000 refugees for 2015 was gone, and it was likely to be 1.5 million....that really got people into a negative state of thought.  Ever since that point (about six weeks ago) one believes the slanted angle of the state-run news media.

If you pay attention....ever since the VW diesel episode....the state-run news folks have rapidly decreased their stories over immigration and refugees.  Maybe they took advantage of the episode to shift gears, but it is very noticeable now.  They opened up the gate for more discussion, and the public has not bought into the message in a positive way.

Where this goes in terms of politics?  Well, as I've pointed out for March of 2016.....there are three state elections coming up and this trend really speaks volumes for the major topic to center the election upon.  It could mean a massive issue for both the CDU and SPD....because they both bought into the Merkel strategy.  Even the Greens and Linke Party have continued their strategy of supporting the refugee direction.....which means that some of the public are looking for a new and alternate political party to carry their disenchantment with the current problem.

More of the discussion?  I'm guessing that ARD will discuss the idea of trying to educate the German public more.....thinking if they just understood the situation better, they'd agree with the message.  Frankly, it's hard to say how this might logically work.

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