Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Failures and Successes of German TV

I try hard not to complain or really dump on German least on the commercially-run business.   They are selling some type of product and try to do a better job than the state-run TV thugs.

This week, I came to observe a major success and a major failure.

First, RTL delivered a two week "Jungle-Camp" show, which surprised me.  I will admit....I'm not much into reality-TV or the fake starts dug up for this.  But RTL took an odd group into this year's Jungle-Camp show and surprised you with the absolute underdog winning in the end.

Menderes, the Turkish guy with no singing talent (as he's proven for a number of years) invited to the camp and most people would have said that he'd be gone by fifth day.  The thing is.....Menderes was such a genuine nice guy and always positive on dealing with people in the camp....that you came to like him.

So in the end.....the underdog won.  Something rare in life, I will admit.  Even one of the moderators of the show dropped a tear or two when it was announced.

The other show came from RTL as well (Friday night).....the Puppet Stars.  I came for a brief twenty minutes to watch the show and there came this guy with his puppet....a talking "willy" (a manly part of the anatomy which I will leave to you to guess).

Yeah, this guy had crafted a fabric puppet to look like a talking "willy".  I had to admit.....I sat there in a state of shock.  The guy was creative....but a talking "willy"?

What would a talking "willy" say?  It's best not to ask.

It's hard to say what RTL and it's production team were thinking with this show, or how this would pan out with the pubic.  Good taste?  Well....skip that topic.

The odds of state-run TV ever producing a puppet show with a talking "willy"?  Zero chance....their President of operations would resign before he'd allow a show like that to run on ARD or ZDF.

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Jess Short said...

There seems to be no end of these so called "reality" shows, whether they are rebuilding a house or selling crap at a flea market, they are all the same. An unending flow of tears, not enough money for the project, sick mother or physically challenged child, the producers are going overboard to evoke an emotion from the viewer. This kind of sappy, sugary entertainment sends me into diabetic shock.
Guess I'll get my entertainment from reading this blog.