Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Tale of Two Guys

 This week in Wiesbaden, a murder occurred over in the Biebricher neighborhood of town. Local Kiosk.  The lady owner is shot in the head, her husband wounded, and the nephew (professional soccer player) who was just walking into the establishment wounded as well.

Nothing makes much sense of the situation because the cops say 'no robbery'.

Based on descriptions....the top picture is what was released the next day by the cops as they searched for this guy.

Two days later, while the guy is still on the run....they have done their homework and can identify the guy as Benjamin G.

The guy lived in the local area of Biebrich.

Nothing makes much sense out of this murder.  The pictures?  Two entirely different people.  But then you realize that the second picture (on the bottom) is the passport ID picture of this guy at age 18.  The top picture....the same the police years later.

There's probably some epic chain of events over the past seven years with this Benjamin G character....involving some drug usage.  Benjamin version one was some clean-cut kid with some apprenticeship and focus.  Benjamin version two is some lost guy with no real focus and a threat to society.

There's a story to be written here over a guy who walked off the clear path to a future.  Sadly, it doesn't go well with the ending.

UPDATE: Sometime on Friday evening....the cops finally cornered the guy in question....near his apartment, and arrested him.  Situation over. No motive noted by the cops still.

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