Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Two Shows to Recommend

I sat and watched around two hours of Channel Two (ZDF) last night.  The Germans put on an interesting balance of coverage, polls, facts, perceptions, and reality.....over crime, refugees, immigrants, etc.

The first show was a documentary which had been put together....entitled "More Foreigners, More Crime?".  You can actually download the 44-minute episode.

They actually did dig into actual data, talk to a lot of authorities, and present one of the better fact-checking events of the year.

Not all immigrant groups fall into the crime category, and they establish that fair number of young men came with wishful thoughts and found that there wasn't some golden key to open every door.

They also talked to a minor degree on Koln, and what happened on 31 December 2015.  You can attribute the chaos and sexual assaults to several things done wrong by the juvenile-like behavior of foreigners in the city and the lack of law enforcement.

The piece is entirely in German but there's lot of data and polls included in this, and it shows the direction of the public and why crime is one of the top three topics of politicians at present.  The public doesn't believe they are safe....especially in highly urbanized areas.

After that show, came investigative 44-minute show which went into massive analysis of the Koln 31 December 2015 episode.  Virtually every single thing of significance is laid out in detail.  Again, it is downloadable and you can watch the whole thing (in German).

The thing is.....all of this happen 11 months ago.  It's taken to this point to analyze the heck out of this and present a balanced story which details where the city and police screwed up, how this crowd went into a crazed-like behavior, and why people think it's a massive problem.

The two shows went the extra mile and gave some of the best analysis of crime and fear in Germany to date.  If you are wondering why Germans grumble about safety, or shake their heads over foreigners in Germany....the two programs will tell the entire story.

Some migrants and "visitors" deserve the blame.....some don't.  Probably over 95-percent of migrants, refugees, and immigrants are law-abiding people.  Statistically, I would take a guess that out of the 82-million Germans or residents....there's roughly 150,000 who are working hard to rob you....pick-pocket you while you transit to work today....steal your car.....or sell you LSD, Heroin, or meth.  In the old days....this crime element would have been all German.  Today?  An extremely large portion are non-Germans (Eastern European, Gypsy, North African, Middle East, Russian).

German society has figured out the landscape, and they don't like it.

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