Sunday, December 25, 2016

On a Spiral

There are a dozen-odd news sources which have gone to review the personal history of the Berlin terrorist.  In some way, it reads like a tragic saga.

Young guy at age 16 in the midst of Al-Waslatiyah, Tunisia.  It's a town of 8,000 residents and already a decade ago showing economic issues, with marginal employment chances.  Already in his youth, he's on the focus of the cops.....apprehended for alcohol consumption and bad juvenile behavior (drug usage).

At age 18, in the midst of the revolution, he has a chance to leave Tunisia (2011).  He boards a ship and ends up in a refugee camp.  He only gets this chance at the refugee camp because he convinces the Italians that he's really an underage teenager.....something which he is not.

His history at the refugee camp is short and dismal.  He helps to set fire to a building.  Evidence points toward him, and he ends up in a real Italian prison....a four-year sentence.

Normally, you'd be evaluated on a four-year sentence, and possibly earn months off the sentence.  There is no evidence to show any positive behavior in the Italian he spent the whole four years in prison.

Released?  Italy has this amazing problem upon him completing his sentence.  Tunisia won't accept him back.  He's got some serious history attached, and they really don't want him back.

Within a couple of months, he's packed up and left Italy.....going to Germany.

No one gives the reason or logic to this 2015 move to Germany.  Maybe it's just social media chatter and the fact that Germans at that point aren't hyped up to stop anyone.

The family back in Tunisia get feedback from the guy.....he's got periods of employment in the agricultural field.  No one can prove this side of the story.

What the Germans can say is that the guy ends up quickly in the drug-trafficking field.  The Germans detain him on various occasions, with six possible aliases.

All along this year-long period....he's connected to either drug dealing or radicalized Islam folks.  You can tell already at this point, there is nothing good out of this lifestyle to come.

Six months ago....the Germans finally conduct the last review and say "no" to his asylum application.  Deporting him?  Impossible.  He has no passport, and Tunisia isn't eager to cooperate on taking him back.  Would you?

At some point, Tunisia is convinced by the Germans (no one says how) produce a passport and accept him back.  The new passport?  It arrives two days after the Berlin attack.

He always talks about some employment or some change in his economic circumstance.  I don't think there is a single factual moment that he can show he ever earned an income that didn't come via radicalized folks or the drug business.  Over a six-year period....there is no twist or turn.   He never had a chance.

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