Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Murder Story

In the last two months, in Freiburg (a fair-sized town) in the south of Germany.....there's been two murders of young women.  Murder in general for Freiburg, is a rare thing.  Both of these (within a 30 km) distance kinda shocked the community of 230,000 people.

Maria L. was a student.....19 years old....and had gone to a student party.  At some point after midnight, she left alone.  They found her body in the river....enough evidence to suggest rape and murder.

Forensics did a good job and found some evidence of the guy...DNA-related.

So they went back to video cameras around the area of the party, and noted this one guy....who had the hair length that they were interested in.  No evidence that he was at the party itself....just that he was watching from a distance.

It took a bit of work, but they finally came down to this one single Afghan refugee kid (17 years old) who was living with some local German family (because he was underage)  He's been arrested and will face murder charges.

The case of the second murder?  Caroline G.?  She was jogging and never returned.  Twenty-seven years old.

So far, the cops are still working on that case, and they are looking at notes to see if maybe this Afghan kid might have been involved in this.  The one issue is that it was 30 km away from the nurse murder.  But with train access?  It's possible that someone might prove the connection.

The odds of this Afghan 17-year-old actually being Afghan or 17-years old?  Well....this is probably going to come up sooner or later.

You see, over the past three years.....a fair number of folks entered Germany with fake passports.  Germans haven't exactly had enough qualified people or the systems to distinguish fake passports.  If someone got real suspicious....then they'd hustle up an expert and prove it one way or another.  There hasn't been a nation-wide review of the passports or nationality status.

Another issue is that there are a fair number of foreign guys who showed up and said they were under the age of 18.....some even claiming 13 or 14 years old....and issues would show up to make the case that the guy was definitely over the age of 18.  I'll wait and see on this case here.....but I might have suspicions that the guy is over the age of 18.

Where does this all lead?  The case will be talked about in local press and throughout the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.  Cops did a great job, and they may yet prove some connection on the second murder.  The thing'll drive up harsh criticism over asylum and immigration.  Questions will linger.  Lack of trust will build up.  The legal system perform as it should....but in the public eyes, neither of these murders should have happen.

So, this likely becomes a bit of discussion to be around the 2017 national election, and throw more questions on the open-door policy.  If some fraud gets dug up over the passport or the age?  It'll just intensify the the whole discussion.

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