Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The 485,000

I was reading a long list of business-related articles and this little short two liner got thrown into the mix.  Some analyst sat down with numbers from the BaMF (the German agency responsible for migration and refugees).

It's a number statement that kinda surprises you.  The numbers from BaMF says that as you enter into 2018, there will be 485,000 rejected immigrants sitting in Germany.  These are people who filled out the paperwork....went through the months of review by BaMF....and it concluded that they were not going meet the standards or requirements of Germany.  Course, they might put hundred here and there on planes over each month and keep the number from ever reaching 500,000.

Public view?  Since they are dispersed across the sixteen states, it's hard to view this as an immediate problem.  If someone did break the number down and you came to realize that you had 700 of these people in Mainz, or 2,000 in Frankfurt, or 3,200 in Koln....that's the point where the public might shift and make this a personal or regional issue.

Last year, I read a commentary where someone within one of the German political parties suggested some kind of "bonus" for those who volunteered and left with no issue, but they never suggested the amount of money to be involved.  The problem with this is that you might have a guy who collects his bonus, and this convinces a dozen others in his homeland to make the trip....just to collect the bonus.

More of one group than another?  This is one of the statistical displays which isn't readily available, and it makes you wonder if there are very few Syrians or Iraqis on this list, but a lot more Tunisians or Afghanis.

 The problem I see is that as this number lingers.....the public will start to ask what the failed applicants are doing and you start to discover some of them directly connected to crime or the drug-trade.  If you were looking for an election year theme, this connect a lot of the public to one single issue.

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