Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Plugs Story

If you go to a typical US or European least in the four-star range, you rarely pay attention to this detail....but if you count electrical outlets in the room....they usually average eight to ten.  Of which four will be used for items stationed in the room (TV, bed lamps, clock radio, etc).

I stayed at a Helsinki hotel this week, and about thirty minutes into this stay....I just stared around the room at electrical outlets.  Total?  Altogether (including the bathroom).....around twenty.  Everywhere you looked....multiple plug-in points.

Just about everywhere that you turned in the room, there's another outlet.

This brought me to an odd Finns and Swedes carry around that many devices that require power?

Between my wife and I.....we might carry one cellphone, a camera unit that might require a charge, a small portable coffee maker, and a hair-dryer.  That's it.  The odds of ever needing all four at the same time charged?  Zero.

The odds that all twenty lead to just one circuit breaker?  Perhaps something that shouldn't be brought up, but one might assume that all twenty lead to just one single circuit, and it'd be a waste to have that many plugs in such a situation.

Course, maybe all of this is simply forethought, from some Finn hotel designer from sixty years ago.

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