Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More on the Freiburg Murder

About two weeks ago, I chatted about a murder suspect down in the Freiburg area....17-year-old Afghan kid.  Through DNA analysis....he's suspected of killing a young medical student a month prior in Freiburg.

At the time, I suggested that his age might be questioned and maybe he's older than 17....meaning he'd go through an adult case and face twenty years....instead of ten years.

The prosecutor said a day after I wrote my essay....that things all confirmed out and his identity and age weren't an issue.

Well....Stern magazine has done some digging.

There's this attack back in 2013....on the isle of Corfu (Greece) that involves this guy "Hussein K".  The thing is....they caught this Afghan guy....who at the time said he was 17 years old, and sentenced him to ten years in prison.  According to Stern's info (still to be questioned)....this Corfu "Hussein K" and this Freiburg guy....are the same person.

How is this possible?  Either he escaped (unlikely), got bought out (possible), or there's a bunch of these Hussein K's with the same passport and age listed, and it's just a forgery episode (very possible).  But the odds of two guys buying this passport copy and both having murdered young women?  That gets the odds way up there.

The local paper there in Freiburg (Badische Zeitung) says the cops are onto this deal and checking out the Greek story.

If it is the same guy?  It means he's definitely 20 years old.....maybe older. This will open up some public speculation that there might be more fake passports out there....with people pretending to be teenagers when they aren't.

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