Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Narcissist Story

There is an odd feature of the Berlin terror act of this week.....the terrorist left his visa in the cab of the truck.  For me, it makes no sense why some idiot would go and do all of this....then drop this ID of himself.

Focus went out and asked the cops about this, and wrote up a piece today.  What the cops say is that they've noticed various occasions (Nice, Paris, etc) that ID's being left at the crime scene is almost normal for a terrorist.

Real criminals don't do stupid crap like this.

Narcissists....however....want to be identified with the act, and leaving the ID there is the way for them to claim their status.

Generally, there are five fairly recognized traits to a narcissist: (1) they don't identify with the feelings or needs or others, (2) they tend to always exaggerate on what they did or what talent they have, (3) someone has to lose in order for the narcissist to gain, (4) always thinks of themselves as special, and (5) lives mostly in a fantasy dream-world.

In this case, the guy doesn't care if he lives or leaving the ID doesn't really matter to him except it gets him front page lines.

Since every time a German newscast comes up with his picture and name....or he sees a German newspaper with his picture and name.....he gets all hyped up and gets a thrill.

If you think about this...perhaps the obvious step to take is when you put up some picture of a highly wanted terrorist in German.....give them a fake name.  "BX", "ST", or "CY".

I admit....the news people might throw a ethics fit over this and lodge a complaint about this to the court-system.....but if this entire game is about a bunch of loser narcissists...then it's time to play some real poker and up the whole ante.

Facebook can play by substituting the fake name for the real name whenever any article comes up.  Twitter can do the same.

Treat the narcissists like you treat hurricanes....just make up a name.

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