Friday, December 16, 2016

The Rest of the Freiburg Murder Case

It's been two weeks since cops in Freiburg announced that they had their suspect in the case of a young nursing student who was murdered back about two months ago.  17-year-old Afghan guy who immigrated in the fall of 2015 into Germany.

At the time, I figured....someone will go and challenge his age.  Authorities noted that they felt pretty sure about things, and that the kid would end up in juvenile court, with a max of ten years on the sentence if guilty.

Then it came out that in Greece (the Isle of Corfu), this kid in 2013 (then at age 17) had attempted to push some Greek gal off some 30 foot cliff and kill her.  Video of the guy being taken into court was shown yesterday.  Event was hyped up in Corfu.  Sentenced to ten the 18-month point, the judge releases him.

Oddly, none of this....his name, his crime, his sentence, his release from jail.....was put into any Interpol database.  Lots to say over the Greeks and their incompetence of this.

Kid leaves Greece upon release, and comes to Germany....without a passport.  Greeks still held that. Does an interview.....things check out....he is registered and gets a visa.

I watched the German interior minister give his speech on the topic last night.  He's a bit peeved because the guy is at least 20 years old and never should have left Greece.

The mess to clean up?  They will clear up the age business....treat him as an adult....and charge with murder.  Max that he can get is 20 years in prison. They might try to research his period in Germany and see if any other crimes pop up.

The question remaining is how many more cases exist like this?

For me, I would be curious how you get a 10-year sentence in Greece and only serve 18 months to be released, but I guess the Germans won't dig into that tiny detail.  

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