Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Could Have Been Real Art

German small-town railway stations are a dying thing.

Up until twenty years ago.....they all had a station master, and someone to sell you tickets.  Automation caught up, and now while the train does still stop.....there's no one there, and there's no necessity for the old Bahnhof buildings.

There's a general Bahn rule now about which towns keep an operational station, and which ones go into a disposal status.  Some stations sit vacant.  Some turn into a restuant or pub.  Some end up as the Leubenheim station....as a after-school center for the town.

The intention I think.....city officials admitted they had an issue with 'wild kids', and they sent off to the state a request for funding and a social worker.  The request was approved, and some funding was put into fixing the interior of the place.  In some ways, it became a magnet for the 'wild kids' and graffiti ensued.  Maybe it's a positive think that they did the graffiti there....rather than around the main streets or business district.

I sat there for thirty minutes one afternoon.....waiting for the train to Mainz, and admiring the graffiti work.  The sad thing here....some punks have some art talent, and could be doing da Vinci-like work....if they just focused.  Instead, you get abstract stuff with hip-meanings, which don't really relate into anything worth viewing.

Personally?  Course, I am the American here....not the German....and I ought not criticize too much.  But I'd fire the social worker, and hire some French art instructor and turn the punks loose on real art creativity.  There are a billion walls around German worth painting brilliant landscapes or masterpieces.  If you got to waste paint.....do it in some way of value....that people appreciate.  Sadly, it's a guy from Bama saying this....who never took a class in art, but can recognize a van Gogh from a mile away (don't ask).

Just two cents of humble view.

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