Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Things I Notice

Sometimes....when travelling around just to notice odd things.

Last week.....I spent some time in Corfu, Greece.  Along this way, I made my way one morning from the hotel to the main drag and waited for the local Corfu bus to come along and pick me up.

After I entered the bus.....I spent about a minute looking over the interior.  To be honest, I expected a unkept and marginal bus.  This one was up to date, clean, and modern.  Then I noticed a couple of things.

First, all these German stickers over the interior.  It was a former German bus.  Don't know the deal.....but obviously this Corfu bus company had bought the bus, moved it to the isle and was using it.

Second, just don't smoke onboard the bus.  There's various signs on the Corfu bus to note this.  Then I looked over and the driver was huffing and puffing away on a cigarette.  He was obviously stressed out, and the smoke was helping him.  No one was saying much.

Third and final.....there on the window of this 80-passenger bus....was this tiny air freshener.    It was one of those cheap Wal-Mart style air fresheners.  In a car, it might have been a marginal help for a week.  This?  In a big huge bus?  I doubt if it served any purpose other than looking great on the front window.

It was a this point that I took a big long sniff, and realized that Greeks tend to sweat a bit, and there at probably wasn't that great of a bus ride from that point on.  I maximized my view of the tiny air freshener, and hoped for maximum benefit.  Maybe it's more of a physiological thing.....than actually freshening up the air.

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