Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Bench

Generally, when you go walking in Germany....especially the first kilometer or two from a village....there are benches to sit on.  Sometimes, maybe just one.  Other occasions.....you might find five or six along a scenic area near a town.

It's there for two reasons.  Some folks are of a older generation and probably just do a short walk, and need a spot to rest for ten minutes.  For other folks, it's a chance to sit, pause and reflect.  Well, and there's the other group who pulls out a pack of smokes and lights up.

The thing is....the bench is this standardized item.  They are generally all constructed the same way.  There's nothing fancy about them.  I doubt if they cost that much.  And a couple of guys could put it into the ground in less than ten minutes.

After you've walked a fair amount, it becomes this oasis of some sort.  You take a few minutes.  Stretch your legs.  Gulp down a bit of water to cool off.  And you relax.

It's one of those things that Germans probably don't think much about.  Benches have been around for centuries, and there's nothing big about them being there.  They've merely accepted the bench and continued on.

An American would sit there a while.....look at the construction.....the value.....the scene.....and have this forest image in his mind with a bench and a million-dollar view.

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