Monday, September 30, 2013

New Nazis, Old Strategy

I occasionally watch other European countries and the various soap-opera events that occur within their systems.  This past weekend.....Greece went into turbo-mode, hunted down the Golden Dawn political leaders (the Greece Nazi Party), and arrest the top level guys.

What came in public view over Saturday and Sunday was an odd thing.  Guns drawn....the arrests....the charges....public police behavior?  It was a staged event.  Almost every single Greek could view the episode and question if unusual Greek public behavior was necessary.

In the 1970s....Greece went through a chaotic period where a coup toppled the government, and cops routinely displayed their aggressive behavior and weapons.

The trigger to this weekend?  Around ten days ago....a confrontation occurred between a liberal Greek rapper and a Golden Dawn member.  A knife was drawn, and the rapper was dead.  To this one can say with full belief or facts....who owned the knife and who did what.

The authorities?  They have two former members of Golden Dawn, who've given show the party is deep into corruption.  They also hint that members who became negative with Golden Dawn.....were usually harassed and intimidated.  The authorities felt that was enough to arrest the leadership.

It's hard to say if any of the accusations are truthful, or if the knife fight occurred over actions by the Nazi Greek guy.

Meanwhile, you sit there and ponder.....Hitler's best movement up in Germany....came after he was arrested and started to write his book.  If these arrested Nazi members follow the same tactic....they likely double their membership in two years.  Hitler's arrest?  Well....for the most part, it was rigged up by the authorities....over flimsy evidence.....and was thought to be the best way of marginalizing the Nazi Party in Munich.  They were wrong.

History has an odd way of repeating itself.

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