Friday, September 20, 2013

The Bottle Isle

 A guy from Bama has a passion for Pepsi or Coke in a bottle....pure and simple.

Yeah, we have this odd belief that it taste better when it comes in a bottle.  That canned stuff?  It's OK, but it's just not pure Coke or Pepsi.

So last week, I went off to the isle of Corfu, Greece.

Corfu is this enchanted place in Europe.....where life is a bit slower, stress is marginal, beaches are pure, history is locked into first gear, and you can still find Coke or Pepsi in a bottle.

On a hot afternoon, you sit under a shade....order a soda....and minutes later find yourself staring at an amazing thing....a bottle of Pepsi.  You glance to ensure it's actually real Pepsi.  Then you slide it toward your glass, and pour.  The taste?  A million times better than that canned stuff, or I'd like to think that.

An hour or two later.....another hot moment....and the guy brings out a Coke in a bottle.

A Bama guy has to travel half-way around the the middle of some great an isle full of find one of life's wondrous things. It's kind of sad and wonderful at the same time.

Well....yeah....they do run roughly 1.50 Euro (almost 2 bucks), and way behind reason, for what is less than seven ounces of Coke or nine ounces of Pepsi. But it's the best you can do in such an environment.
The Greeks probably don't think much about this.  They've been bottling Coke and Pepsi for seventy big deal.  I doubt if the companies really think much about it.  The bottles get returned, and life goes on.

So for a brief moment, a Bama guy was in paradise....enjoying a brief pause with a refreshing drink.  

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