Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Roman Pit

 Up on the Neoberg area of Wiesbaden, the historic Roman area section of town.....there's the Roman "pit".

There's a decent pub of sorts there on the hilltop where a guy is under a shade, and right next to the Roman pit.

One could imagine two thousand years ago.....a couple of Italian soldiers.....bored....and putting up an afternoon wrestling display, with a couple hundred of their buddies sitting on the rocks surrounding the pit.

Most Germans will come up and admire the pit.....thinking it's the actual real pit and a very historic site.

Course, a Bama guy sits there long enough and gazes down into the pit and notices this drainage trap at the bottom.  Modern technology arrived and installed a fairly decent drainage the last fifty-odd years.

Authentic? looks real and you can imagine hundreds of wrestling bouts held there, between "King Kong" Alfonso and "Macho Man" Pascal.  Bouts of theater the WWE?'s hard to say.  Once you get to the point that wrestling is entertaining and not a's hard to keep things straight.

The positive here is that the local German folks have a decent looking Roman pit, and you can spend an afternoon sipping hard apple cider and imagine husky overweight Rome warriors playing around.  Course, if we were in'd have some fake warriors having fake bouts.....hired by the city to make the tourists happy.  Luckily, the Germans don't go to that extreme.

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