Monday, September 30, 2013

The Coalition Game

Now a week after the German election....we are in the midst of a game on how the coalition will be formed (likely for the moment to be the CDU/CSU and the SPD).

The theme?  Well...taxes.  Pure and simple.

Most all Germans expected taxes to inch up slightly.  The main difference between the theme of the CDU and the SPD?  The CDU would inch the taxes forward, hitting to some degree on more wealthy Germans.  The SPD would inch forward, and maximize it's growth pattern on all rich Germans, period.
The general expectation is that the public will accept these tax the more wealthy Germans will grumble and look for newer ways of hiding wealth or protecting wealth.  In the general end....four years from now....there's likely to finally be some recession.

Some analysts will blame the recession on the SPD's tax strategy.  Some will simply say it's time for another recession to occur.  Some will say that government spending likely led into the recession in some fashion.

So as you watch the political players go and forth over the next week or for the lively talk over taxes.  Journalists will play into the game, and try to explain how taxes are part of life and society.  Most Germans will just grumble, and just say they wished this had been out in the open prior to the election.

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