Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Pool Burka Story

Germans run an interesting view on mandatory school topics.  If they say it's mandatory....there is absolutely no waiver or excuse out of it, period.  Unless most US school programs, where there's always a waiver for Germany, rules are rules.

Well....along came this Muslim teenage girl who had an issue with swimming lessons mandated by the school.  The school mandated that swimming was required and it'd be a co-ed situation.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with the Islamic folks, and this girl ended up as a test case....challenging the school and it's rules.

The German top level of administrative court....over in Leipzig.....determined this week that there is no waiver required or necessary for this business.  She could have claimed some health issue, and they might have voiced agreement to limit the mandate....but she didn't use that excuse.

All the court did say on the girl's behalf?  She would be allowed the option of wearing the full-scale burka of cover all of her body.  A regular swimmer would look at this, and probably say that you might drown wearing such a thing, but the court say it as the only offering to give her.

Germans would tend to view this as 'right', and avoid saying much else.  They'd like for foreign folks to integrate and at least pretend to be German-like.  The Islamic side of this?  I would imagine that they are a bit disturbed that rights didn't extend to them, and waivers weren't granted.

It's hard to see how things develop over the next decade or two.  Young Islamic women are making their way through the German school system and trying hard to stay pure-Islam.  On all fronts, I suspect it's a losing battle.  They will eventually finish up schooling and try to stay with the 'clan'....having to accept only guys from the Islamic community.  After a decade or two of trying to fit into this very tight lifestyle.....I just don't see them as happy with the outcome.

The pool business?  It'll be curious if someone doesn't come up almost drowning with this full-scale burka on.....while on some school mandated swimming hour.  Then the court will step in and blame the school for this stupid burka rule.....that the courts originally ordered them toward.  You just can't win, in such a mess.

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