Thursday, May 15, 2014

Along the Banks of Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of those places where you could start out one morning and walk for six hours and just feel amazed over the landscape.

One of the better places to take a walk is the riverside....along the Rhein.  Both sides are fully developed with paved trails and open park space.  Toss in benches and shade trees, and you've got a five-star attraction to the city.

Two of the bigger things to check out along the river are the walking bridges (there are two of these).

The older bridge is Eiserener Steg.  It's usually referred to as the "love bridge"....mostly because its a romantic walk and in the's where younger couples cross the Rhein....getting back home from the Sachsenhausen district (the pub and party district).   It's been around since 1868.

The Holbeinsteg is the secondary bridge....about ten minutes walking to the west of the first bridge.  It came about in 1990.  A modern suspension probably gets about half as much notice as the original bridge.

Drinking and dining along the river?  There's around a dozen boats and riverside pubs to pick from.  Most run from early spring to late fall.

The Holbeinsteg is closer to the Bahnhof area.  Probably around a ten-minute walk from the end to the station itself.

The landscape from the river of the city of Frankfurt?  It's probably one of the better locations to get a full up view of the city and it's skyscrapers.

As for crime or issues to avoid?  Generally, the riverfront is clear of hooligans or crime.  I probably wouldn't venture off the two bridge areas to the walking path below after midnight....but generally, the bridges are safe to cross twenty-four hours a day.

Restrooms?  Well....there's only one or two on each side of the river, and that might be the only negative to speak over.  If you had an entire afternoon and you were fairly stressed out....I'd strongly recommend the river area, and have a beer or apple wine at one of the smaller vessels parked there.

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