Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Wiesbaden Organ Van Bogus Story

Today, the local newspaper for me....the Wiesbaden Kourier....came out with a lengthy article that was mostly written by the cops of Wiesbaden.

You see....for weeks, there's been this story going around in chat forums and Facebook pages of the locals....over a rumor of a mafia gang operating in Wiesbaden and kidnapping kids for organ transplant.  The description was usually a white van, with foreign plates, and shady characters who were trying to kidnap kids off the street, for some rich guy in a foreign country to have a new kidney.

What the cops generally say....somewhere on a Turkish newspaper read by the local Turks here in Wiesbaden....was a short piece that simply said an investigation was underway and involved kids taken off the streets, the mafia and organ transplants.  The story....from start to bogus.  But most folks read newspapers and assume everything printed, to always be true.

I have to's a pretty imaginative scenario.  How often did it get repeated?  Not just hundreds or thousands....but probably tens of thousands of times.  At some point....some kids probably started talking to teachers about it, and teachers finally asked the school director about the rumor....and this guy calls up the local mayor or chief of police.  Eventually, it's a daily task to explain it's a bogus story and the cops get tired of stating the facts that no such mafia white van exists.

Next week?  Some idiot will likely start a new bogus fake story of Ukrainian-Russians in the local area....planning hoodlum acts and burning cars nightly down on Mainzer Strasse.  

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