Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Big 'Foot' Statue of Mainz

Germans get into copying things, for artful purposes.

So, in Mainz, behind the Landtag building near the river....there's a parking lot, and in the middle....there's this big foot.

It's a copy of the Colossus of Constantine....built in Rome back around 315AD.  It was supposed to be a fairly big statue, and some acts of violence (pillage would be a better word) occurred, and the statue cut tossed a bit.

So, this was made as a art project in Mainz.  Now, a guy with no art background....would look over this and just say it's a lot of work....just for a foot.  You see....there's these open spots between the toes, and a stone-cutter would have to be ever so careful in not breaking anything.  And the toes have to look real.....not too big....not too small.  Personally, you'd have to have a lot of patience to show up daily....for months and months....working on some foot project like this.

So, if you happen to be in the middle of Mainz and know of the Landtag building.....just pull in and gaze at the 'foot'.  It's worth a five-minute trip.

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