Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

 One of the twenty-odd things worth seeing in the Bose, or the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

To get there....walk up Kaiser Strassee (eastward) from the Train Station (Bahnhof).  It's about a fifteen minute walk and you end up at the open area of the Goethe Platz.  It's best described as a cobblestone area, with a couple of statues and the size of two football fields.  If you face it....the Bose is slightly to your left, about eight minutes walking.

The building itself is impressive, and dates back to 1874.  Prior to WW II, it was just one of several stock exchanges in Germany.  By basically was the one and only (at least they'd like to think that).  Today, it's one of the ten biggest stock exchanges in the world.

The bull and bear at the end of the open area near the entrance?  They represent the growth or the decline of financial fortunes.  It's a symbol thing.

There are some tours of the facility, but most of the day-to-day hectic stuff is long gone....since the internet's arrival.

One of the most interesting things to see are the seven statues at the entrance represent the various continents of the world.

If you take the adjacent area.....the shopping district, and the fifty-odd pubs or restaurants's a great place to walk around and check out sights.  And the city park is less than ten minutes away.

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