Monday, May 5, 2014

Statue Art: Frankfurt

Germans aren't particular about how chunky lusty nude lady statues....this coming from a guy who attended the fine schools of Bama which mentioned some Rembrandt guy once or twice, and might have accidentally spoken for thirty seconds on Van Gogh's talents.

Sadly, you couldn't fund a statue like this in the US.  The city council would get involved and ask questions over the intent.  Then folks would worry about the lady's physical attributes and if she was too fat or too thick.  Some cops would worry about vandals would spray-paint the statue.  And park managers would be tasked on cleaning it occasionally, which meant a crew who might make jokes over the job while hard at work.

Germans don't really care.  This is the Liegende statue in Frankfurt....along the city park.  Placed in the Nazi's hard to say if it was real art, an intentional joke, or just some criticism that was left to be interpreted.

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