Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Iron Tower

Near the old city area of Mainz, is the Iron Tower.  It is one of the last three towers left to the walled city area.  What the locals say is that it dates back to around 260AD, during the Roman period.  For roughly a hundred years, the Romans utilized the walled city and the various towers....then vacated.

The original Iron Tower?  Well....to be honest, it's been renovated several times, and got bombed during WW II. So, this is a more updated version of the tower.

If you make a trip to Mainz....it's worth seeing.  Location?  Down on Rhein Strasse along the river....maybe five minutes walking from the Theodor Heuss Bridge.  Parking?  No.  So it's best to take the tram or bus to the general location.

What exists of the old walled area?  Not much except the three towers.  Unlike some cities that retained the walled look for tourism or merchant activities....Mainz tore their wall down.

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