Monday, May 5, 2014

Wiesbaden Curiosity Shops

Around the walkplatz of Wiesbaden, there's at least a dozen curiosity shops (used "JUNK" of a gaudy or questionable nature).

In my past life....I was a junk collector.  At some point, I was interrogated, and exercised to the point where I don't stop and buy JUNK anymore.

However, as I walk on various days.....I come to stop and notice really fascinating and wonderful JUNK.

There was a time in Wiesbaden when the city was floating on top of cash.  From the 1860 era to July of 1914....the city was enjoying lots of rich tourists who came, and spent money.  Merchants and shop-keepers got rich....along with bath house owners, wineries, pubs, restaurants, and fancy clothing shops.    

So, these guys went home, and handed cash over to their wife and family to spend, and ensured the hired help around the house got paid.

Folks went and bought silly stuff.....put it up, and admired it for some reason.

I would imagine there were dozens of guys in Wiesbaden in the summer of 1914 with expensive pen collections and fancy snuff boxes.  They admired their JUNK....and nothing much was said.

Today?  When folks clear out their aunt's apartment or their father's attic.....they come across stuff that folks bought in the 1920s to flea market operations, and mostly just stuck the items away.  The financial ruin of the area after the war (WW I) pretty much dissolved the new curiosity sales, and stopped guys from having fancy French pen collections or Russian pewter cups.

I'm not sure of the resell value or how fast some dancing frogs will sell....or how a standing cow in pewter is marketed.  Maybe it's all worth something.....but you just don't know.

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