Friday, May 23, 2014

The Frankfurt Gutenberg Statue

Down in the center of Frankfurt, about twenty minutes walking from the train station along Kaiser Strasse (heading east) will come to a large stoned 'park', with a huge statue on one side of it.  It's the Gutenberg Statue.

Course, you will notice that there are three guys on top....and only one being Gutenberg himself.  The other two?  Peter Schoeffer (considered Germany's first publisher), and Johannes Fust (the German who turned publishing into a business operation).

The statue was put up around 1845, and is supposed to represent four key elements of German culture: natural science, religion, poetry and industry.  The four below them?  Well....they are to represent the four key cities where printing became a lucrative business: Venice, Frankfurt, Mainz, and Strasbourg (France).

Generally, I'd rate the statue as one of the twenty-odd things in Frankfurt which you ought to see if you had a weekend.

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