Saturday, May 3, 2014

Burger King Saga Continues

It's been five days now since the investigative piece came out here in Germany over Burger King and it's questionable cooking and operating practices at a couple of franchise operations.  Germans now refer to it as a "sh*t-storm".....which usually means a bunch of chatter....mostly negative....and fast reactions by various participants in this game.

The most comical piece came out late yesterday....with a new Burger King code of conduct for employees.  It's basically a couple of simple questions, and how an employee is supposed to answer to customers.

When you gaze over the employee listing of Burger King throughout's kinda like the same experience as in the US.  You've got folks who are marginally making it in intelligence....who don't really care about your company, it's success, or profitability.  It's simply a minimum wage job with no better path for the future.

Now, some management dimwit hands you a slip of paper and demands you read it before coming onto sign some form noting that you read it.

The chief bit of comic relief?  There's a question that a customer could ask.....if you the BK worker eat at your own shop?  The correct answer is "yes, of course, almost daily".

Most burger franchise operations operate a heavily discounted meal deal for employees, so I would imagine that most eat there....mostly because it's a cheap meal.  Beyond that.....they don't care.

If you showed the investigative journalism piece to BK workers....would it frighten them off from eating?  I'm not sure about that.  Most would say that their own operations are better run and they don't notice unsanitary practices.

In the days to can imagine some German BK employees at the cash register as you walk up.....and you just smile to ask if they eat regularly there, and they smile back...."yes, of course, almost daily".  You the customer wink.....the BK employee winks.....and everyone plays a little game of pretending to care.

Maybe what we need is to bring the BK management team onto the scene....and not ask them to IF they eat at BK regularly.....but mandate that they have to eat a BK menu meal in front of you.  If they refuse.....then I'd just walk away.  Maybe if they had some fear over their own business operations and had a grasp of the real'd change for the better.  Just my humble two cents on this stupid topic.

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