Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Rock Trip

 About thirty minutes south of Frankfurt is this mountainside called Felsenmeer.  It's about eight kilometers northeast of Bensheim (for planning purposes).

What you have is this giant boulder area leftover from the glacial period. Between the ice, melting water, and the created this cascading rock area.

So you arrive and park in their pay-as-you-go parking lot (3 Euro).  You will notice a small pub restaurant.  My advice is to skip it while going up and use it as you come down....tired as you might be, and settle on some coffee and cake.

The park itself is free.  There's three basic ways to handle the climb.  You can do it the hard way and actually climb the boulders all the way to the top.  You can figure this will take at least three hours.  To the left, and right....are separate trails which are fifty percent easier, but still require a good bit of stamina.    

I wouldn't go in the winter period....mostly because of wetness or chill involved.  And in the middle of a summer heat'd best take more than one bottle of water with you.

There are a couple of formations like this in Switzerland and Austria.  It is a bit rare.....more likely to be seen in Sweden or Norway or Iceland.

As you stand at the bottom and think you can see the entire length of the's deceptive.  You are only seeing a third of the whole distance involved.  So, anticipate this climb....especially on the burn up a bunch of calories, if you were doing this the hard way.

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