Friday, October 3, 2014

A Grill Story

I was shopping last week....walking into a discounter grocery operation here in Germany, and came across this heavily-discounted shelf area, with a bar-b-q grill up for sale.

It was the "tiny" type....maybe big enough for two steaks at best.  It's at the end of grill season, so they'd cut the pricing down by half.

The issue is.....well....the color.  It was an off-color of pink.  I stood there for a minute.....thinking maybe it was just the light or maybe my eyes were going bad.  But' pink.

What kind of individual buys a mini-grill in pink? has to be a lady.....and likely the type of the age of sixteen to twenty-five years old. How many young ladies buy grills on a yearly basis?  Few.....very few.

I don't know which business guy dreamed up this deal or the color, but you have to wonder about the market for this type of product.  The grocery only had one of the boxes up on the shelf.....maybe they accidentally got it.....or maybe it was a free deal from some local distributor which they were going to try and sell.

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