Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Thirteen-Year Problem

This is a story which will only appear around in Hessen.  I doubt if the German national news will cover much on this, yet it becomes an interesting piece.

The curtain on  this story rises up around 2001 in Germany as four tax-audit folks from the state office here in Hessen (Wiesbaden-Frankfurt) got all disturbed over orders given by the leadership of the tax office (usually run by the dominating political party of the Landestag of the state).  Over a period of several years....various evaluations were dealt out to the four, with negative commentary by the leadership.  By 2006, the four were led to a physiological review, and were noted as having "paranoid querulatorish" issues.

What are "paranoid querulatorish" issues? could read through twenty pages of text from various experts.....but the definition comes down to the fact that you can't adjust, and you are fairly paranoid about readjusting.

A fake psycho analysis?  I've read two commentaries on the field of study, and both doctors tend to dump on this idea as bogus.  They view it as a tool used in any type of case....where someone refuses to change and you can cite some mental disorder to get rid of the folks.

So, this is the curious thing.  The four tax-audit folks were led through the process and deemed finished within the government office.  Medically sent out the door by 2006.

By 2009, the four folks had returned to fight on this episode.  What can be said is that the health folks deemed the whole usage of "paranoid querulatorish" issues as bogus.  They actually showed up in court....cited enough evidence, and the whole episode was called into question.  Strangely enough....that wasn't enough to bring back the forced-into-retirement tax-audit group.  No.....this required more court action.

This week (2014).....five years after the medical establishment deemed the whole thing bogus...the state apparatus finally stepped in as the court forced them to take the corrective actions, and bring the four OUT of retirement.

The doctor involved in the original determination?  The court will merely say that he's been fined for actions against three of the forced retirement situations.  The fine appears to be a private deal between the court and the doctor.

The hostility left?  The SPD went into blast-mode and demanded that the CDU (which had their guy at the very beginning start this) say some type of apology over the affair (lasting over thirteen years). None came.

What's left?  The local news media is quiet about this.  The four tax-audit folks will be allowed back in and probably get some type of position.  The problem is that things have is totally different than thirteen years ago.....and they will be viewing any hindrance to their job as another hostile game.  I would suspect that the government also has to negotiate with them, providing some damage pay-off.....maybe in the range of thirteen years of pay.

Abusive use of mental exams and fake analysis?  Well....yes.  And because of the way that German law works.....this took thirteen years to clean up.  It says alot about the system, and why Germans get frustrated at times on the way that the system is built.

Finally, this little comment ought to be spoken over how this all started.  The tax-audit folks in this episode?  They were standing around the Hessen region and investigating the fraud taking place with bankers and investment-type earners.  They were basically told to stop their intensive audits.  You have to stand there now, and wonder.....who got paid off in the CDU.....who ordered who in the CDU leadership to push the four to this degree....who helped the find the right doctor to take these four of circulation.....and who walked away from millions in taxation in Hessen by paying off the right political guy?

It would be curious....but the Hessen news media guys just aren't capable of digging into an episode and asking some really stupid questions.  Somebody here.....needs more than a mental exam....they need serious jail time, more than ten years.

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