Friday, October 3, 2014

My Stuck in a Toilet Story

This is one of those oddball German events that you'd shake your head over.

Here in Wiesbaden, we have the Landestag....the state capital building for Hessen.  Yesterday was the last active day of the week....with today (Friday) being a holiday.  Naturally....a lot of political folks doing their last bit of business, and leaving early on Thursday afternoon.

At some point, the chief of the Green Party for the region....around 3:30 in the afternoon....made one last visit to the toilet in his hallway.  He turned the locking mechanism....sat down....did his up....wiped.....flushed....and then discovered that the locking mechanism was broke.  Yeah.....and it wasn't going to allow the door to open.

After a few minutes.....he realized then that no one else was coming into the bathroom, and he might actually be stuck there for the whole weekend.  The window was next to the stall and he could see some cleaning lady out below.....taking a smoke he yelled for help and she got someone to open up the door.

So this brings me to three observations.  First, it proves once again.....bad crap always happens at the end of the work-week. gotta carry a cellphone with you....even when visiting the toilet.  And three....think God we still have smokers and they stand out in the open air.

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