Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That Schwalbach Barrel

Back in mid-September.....I wrote up a blog on a mysterious plastic container being found in the local area here (Schwalbach) after the garage renter had passed on, with a dismembered body inside of it.

The story has been updated.  Cops say they have some DNA-related evidence and point toward a woman who was a homeless gal....born in 1960....and missing for a number of years.

Connecting her to the old guy who died?  Nothing makes much sense and the cops are still investigating.

Somewhere a four-star murder mystery.

UPDATE: 11 Oct 2014.  The dead gal has been noted missing for ten years.  The garage that was rented and the holding place for the two plastic containers?  It was rented by two guys (not one).  Oddly enough.....both guys died this year. All parts of the gal in the two containers?  They are still missing a arm apparently.

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