Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Real Nuke Power Bill

After the Fukushima episode in Japan.....the German leadership made a decision to move forward more quickly on shutting down the nuke plants in Germany.  Across Europe?  There was almost no real reaction.  The German news media helped in influencing the government to react in this was a done deal.

At the time....some business analysts commented that there would be some cost to this decision, and then just mostly "grinned" as they said.  This afternoon.....the first court movement has been noted in Germany. E.ON, a major nuke-power company....asked the court to push up a 380-million Euro case for two nuke plants affected by this.  It should be noted....this cost has nothing to do with dismantling or taking down the was the business loss.  The shutting down cost?  It'll come later, and be into the billions.

A second episode is noted somewhere in the process....affecting a Hessen nuke-plant.  This court deal is centered around 235 million Euro.  Same deal....just losses, not the shut-down fee.

News journalists are mostly just reporting facts only.  The opposition political parties can't make much out of this because the CDU seized their public stance on being anti-nuke-power.

Generally, if you add up the potential here from damages, to shut-down costs, and include the handling of the material somewhere in this's tens of billions of Euro.  All to be handled by the consumer or tax-payer.

The general talk that they would have had to handle costs anyway?  The only guaranteed deal is the dismantling fee...which the government was on the hook to handle.  This damage stuff is strictly because of the Fukushima reaction within Germany.

Occasionally, the news folks will throw up a map to show various nuke plants sitting in Czech, Belgium, Netherlands and France.  For some reason....Germans don't freak out over that. Maybe they whine a bit, or complain that it's unfair.....but it's not in their backyard.

I suspect if you went to every German tax-payer and hinted that he needed to hand over three-hundred Euro this year, next year, and a third year.....all related to nuke-power decisions.....they'd ask stupid questions.  In this's all hidden in the budget, and no political party has the "balls" to say much in public.

Maybe this'll lead onto a new toilet-paper tax, or a fee for the number of cats in every house....just to keep Germans confused on the real purpose of the taxation.

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