Friday, October 31, 2014

"Where's the Beer"

Last night, I sat and watched the ZDF (Channel Two) Culture Channel.  I admit, it's rare that I ever get around to watching that channel, and I doubt if they have more than fifty thousand Germans per evening watch it.

Around 1030 PM last night, they ran a documentary on Jimmy Carl Black, the drummer from Frank Zappa's band....Mothers of Invention.

It was probably one of the more interesting documentary pieces I've seen, but for odd reasons.

Jimmy Carl Black, was the kid who traveled in the big circles early on....made no real a reputation as a five-star drummer....and toward the last ten years of his life....happened to bump into some German gal and settled in Germany.

The video piece was filmed in 2007/ two German gals (Boller and Brot).  They cover the last period of Jimmy's life, which they entitled as "Where's the Beer".  I's an amusing title, but Jimmy probably liked it.

Jimmy was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2008, and died 1 November of the same year.  Roughly a 75-day period to reflect upon and settle up.  He was seventy, and had lived a pretty enriched life.  Over a seventy-year period.....he had accomplished legendary stuff.

For some reason, I reflected upon the documentary and Jimmy's adaption to Germany.  I think he generally saw himself as a guest, and enjoyed the decade in Germany.  The German ending to his story is a twist of fate in some ways.  He ended up finding lots of heavy rock fans in Germany, who appreciated the music.

So, if you happen to be up late one night, and this documentary called "Where's the Beer" shows up a frosty beer, settle back and prepare for a five-star documentary.

And no, it doesn't mean I'll be going back to the ZDF Culture Channel daily or weekly.

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