Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Teens Stopped at Frankfurt Airport

Just one of those odd pop-jihad stories that pop up now in Germany.

Here are three American teenagers.....15-to-16 years old, from Colorado.  Somehow, they get this idea to ditch school some day last week, get a ride over to Denver International Airport, fly out to Chicago, and then to Frankfurt.  Final destination plan?  Make it to Turkey, cross the border and become pop-jihad wives or solders.

The three were all of Islamic background, from Africa.

From what the German press will say is that the scheme was suddenly figured out somewhere in the midst of the trip....probably between Chicago and Frankfurt.  One report from Denver says that one teen had stolen $2,000 from Mom, and used that to pay for the tickets.  All three had passports, and no one in Denver said anything about a 15-year-old kid traveling alone.

Once alerted, the US authorities called Frankfurt's border patrol guys at the airport, and they figured out the three, and started to quiz them.  Then they sent them back to Denver.

The current investigation?  All the cops will hint is that they think someone was leading the girls....mostly develop this plan.

As far as I know, it's the first time that Germany has had to deal with a situation like this, with external residents trying to move through Germany to Turkey and become part of the civil war.

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