Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Six Euro Eighty a Day?

We had a brief court episode brew up here in Hessen, with two smaller towns suing the district budget folks for more funds to cover the foreign refugees then settled into the towns, and the allotment system that the District (really the state of Hessen itself) unfair.

The current allotment is 6.80 Euro a day, per refugee here in Germany.  The number of refugees forced onto the two towns with the court-challenge?  Twenty-seven.

The judge in the district threw the case out....saying the allotment of refugees was a percentage situation, and the towns have no choice but accept them and find adequate comforts for them.  As for the 6.80 Euro a day....a separate case already exists and will be discussed at another court.

What most say is that you'd need three times the 6.80 Euro a day per refugee to adequately feed and care for them.

The general problem is that none of these towns had any real plan in place or ever considered the idea of being forced to accept refugees.  Now that they've arrived and gone past the one single family that they kinda expected.....there's issues.  Personally, I think the 6.80 Euro per person idea might snowball into a separate issue with the welfare class of Germany, and this idea that they've been forced to accept a minimum level such as 6.80 as being normal.  If the refugees get 15 Euro a day, then you'd have to reshuffle German welfare (Hartz IV), and double the entire budget over the national program.

The allocation issue?  Right now....these towns are simply fussing over 27 total refugees.  By spring of 2015, it might well be 100 to 150 refugees.  It would be curious how this plays out because none of the towns have internal structure for long-term refugees, their introduction to German society, or potential low-level entry jobs for people with minimum background or training.

You can predict down the various towns in's going to be an issue that frustrates the locals.

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