Monday, November 11, 2013


Long ago, in the US....most all brush products were hand-made.  They were four-star quality, and tended to last for years and years, not twelve to twenty-four months.

Here in Germany, they will sell you the Chinese-made cheapo they do in the US.  Or you can go to a 'mom-and-pop' shop in a couple of the bigger towns, which specialize in handmade brushes.

So I was down Leipzig Strasse in Frankfurt, and came across this little small shop that still sells the handmade stuff.

Hundreds of different types of brushes, for every practical occasion.  Soft bristles, hard bristles, bristles from horses, bristles from durable long-lasting products.

Finding something like this in the US?  Well, if you live around the Mennonite community....maybe.  Otherwise, you'd have to order something from a warehouse in Georgia....and wait for Uncle Gus to rummage through the stock-room and find what you need.

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mike60 said...

Often the brushes are maid by mentally disabled persons and the price is not the most important thing. So both sides profit from it.