Friday, November 8, 2013

One Step Forward

For me to ever return home from Wiesbaden after a day of walking around....there's only one method.  You end up by the Luisenplatz area, waiting at the bus stop for the three buses per hour to come by.

I've come to realize after three months here....that it might be fifteen to twenty minutes of waiting at this major bus stop in town.  Naturally, there's almost no benches.

This week, I was kinda shocked.  Two guys pulled up to the bus park area, and started this three-day project (yeah, it should have been done in half-a-day, but this is Germany).

Several benches are being put up and ample seating will become a reality in the next day or so.  The cost?'s best not to guess on this, but it's probably in the ten-thousand range for stainless steel benches, and the workmanship involved.  Yeah, wooden benches would have cheaper.....but we gotta help those poor stainless steel guys and their industry.

And I should note least they were smart enough to put the new benches under the roofed area of the bus stop....and not out in the open where you'd get wet from the snow or rain.

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