Saturday, November 9, 2013

Train Station Posters

Germans tend to make very complicated processes.  People generally hate them for that....but their processes tend to work.

Germans also tend to explain their complicated processes in the most simple way possible.  And that tends to work.

So this is a train poster of your neighborhood station.

The left side is the schedule for outgoing trains.  It'll list the time that the train is leaving....the couple of destinations that it will travel through.....and the final destination (with the arrival time noted).  Note, this schedule rarely changes (maybe one or two items off the entire list per year).

The right side?  That's the track layout within the twenty-mile-odd circle.  You can only go, where the tracks lead.  So you can gaze at your standing spot, and the destination, and guess which trains work or don't work.  The S2 only goes from this city to this city.  The S3 from this town to that town.

The truth is....some idiot could get off the plane....speak no German....spend eight minutes gazing at the poster, and determine his plan or agenda.

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