Monday, November 11, 2013


 In America, there's typically a bunch of standards over statues.  It's best to always select a statue for your town or going for modern artsy stuff, without any nude stuff.  This way, folks are confused, but feel appropriate when looking at the stuff.

Here in Germany, you can go dopey for modern stuff, with obtuse angles, rich colors, and representations of Bullwinkle and Pop-tarts combined.  Or, you can go for plain old statues with realistic figures....sometimes in a flirting pose.....kinda nude.

Germans don't get all peppy about stuff like this.  I think it's mostly because they've seen enough marble ladies now, and unclothed damsels with overflowing features don't bother them much.

These are both from Frankfurt, near the old opera house.

The top one?  Well, it's interesting.  I wanted to take the picture badly, but all these foreign tourists (mostly Chinese guys)....were all posing by sitting on her butt and having their buddy Wung Joe shoot their picture.  I had to wait in get my shot.  Days from now, Wung Joe will return to China....brag about his "German" gal, and bring out the picture to tell about the fantastic trip.

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scott ecoff said...

Americans are prudes yet we have the largest porn industry. I guess making $$ trumps all else. I think Germans have an appropriate sense of nudity.