Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tea Pot Boiling

Quietly, without very much notice....Germany and Brazil are having meetings between their UN representative leadership and sending comments back and forth between their countries.  They are working on a UN resolution....which leads back to the Snowden and NSA mess.

The resolution?  It's basically a anti-spy piece of writing, which would say it's a terrible thing to spy on neighbors, and would call for an international standard in privacy of information.  It will be presented in time for the UN to read and vote upon.

You can figure with 180-odd countries.....this might get some attention.  The most noted country who would vote against it?  The US.  Other countries with issues on it?  North Korea and a few dictatorships.  China?  Well, in this case....I'd put up the argument that they'd vote for it while they really wouldn't ever support it.

Yeah, it's a pretty hard slap on the US, and would likely drive things further apart.

If you were writing the script for US forces to finally be removed from Germany....this would all start to fall into place and be part of the script.   It's hard to say if this was orchestrated months ago by whoever was behind Snowden, or if this was all an accidental thing just waiting to happen.

The curious thing?  There would have to be some comment by the White House over why they can't support the anti-spying resolution, and it'll be a interesting and creative piece of writing.  Maybe it'll actually make sense.  Well, maybe.

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