Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just Another NSA Day

Every single day....there's a new twist to the Snowden---German---NSA---spying business.

Today?  Someone is strongly suggesting via a British newspaper....the Independent....that the British Embassy in Berlin....just a stone's throw from the Bundestag....was also on the collection side in business dealings.

Factual?  Well, you just don't know.  These days...you could take an ounce of truth and stretch it a good bit.

I pulled up the embassy map of Berlin and looked at everything with a mile of the Bundestag (the German Parliament).  There's around eight embassy operations there.  The possibility of the Russians, or the French...spying as well?  Well, it's best not to bring this up.

The Romanians?  Well...yeah....they are about a mile away.  The Greeks?  Maybe a bit over a mile.

Could there be a dozen-odd countries in Berlin collecting on Chancellor Merkel's cellphone?  It's best not to suggest that.

And those evil Chinese?  Well....they are roughly two miles to the east of the Bundestag, and safely beyond the 'net'.  Course, they are on the river Spree, and the Chinese submarine fleet might be parked there and quietly move up the river to be within yards of the Bundestag at appropriate times.

The sad thing is that there's no end to this spy business.  Just a guy standing in the field in front of the Bundestag....with hot-dog cart....could have a radio-receiver device and be collecting cellphone transmissions.....reporting them back to Tonga.  And tomorrow, it'd be reported as factual in some German newspaper.

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