Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting Dizzy

Along most major German cities are these poster towers to advertise things.  So yesterday, I stood a daze for about thirty seconds....looking at this poster.

For some folks, you could go off into some trance....thinking of Lucky Charms cereal, some check-out gal at Wal-Mart, or an episode of Gunsmoke....and then come out of the daze to realize you haven't moved in several minutes.

Yeah, there ought to be a law about posters like this.....but we just won't do something that radical.

My guess is that a hundred university students come by the poster everyday....stop....go into a trance.....and think they are on some island in the Pacific and drinking Milk of Magnesia and buttermilk combined.   Sooner or later, they come out of the trance, and skip off to have a beer and forget all that trance stuff.

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