Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Little Drink

It is gluehwein season, and I'll pass on some advice to Americans who notice gluehwein and wonder about it.

First, gluehwein is basically regular wine, with a fair amount of sugar added, and heated to the temperature of coffee.

Second, it's generally only sold from October to March.  Most folks only buy it around November and December.

Third, you typically drink it in out-door situations.  It's sold by the coffee cup.

Fourth.  If you have a problem with high doses of sugar....DON'T drink gluehwein.

Fifth.  Because it's heating you up in a cold outdoor finish  up a cup in typically twenty minutes, and want a second cup.  Not a smart idea.  This stuff gets into your system fast....because of the heat, and three cups within an hour....WILL make you drunk.  Don't drive with more than one cup in your system....and at least thirty to sixty minutes after you finish the one cup.

Sixth.  There's a couple of versions of it.  This is cherry flavored, and fairly sweet.

Seventh.  Yes, it is a Xmas drink and very acceptable for folks to come over to your house, and you can serve it to them.  No, it can't be served must be heated (in a pot) and poured into a regular coffee cup.

Eighth.  If I didn't emphasize it can get fairly stupid drunk with this stuff, in a shopping district, and buy crap you didn't intend to buy.  So, drink only after you finished shopping.  You really need to limit yourself to two cups max in a day.  Anything beyond five cups, and you are wasted.

(Not intended as advice for Germans)

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