Sunday, November 10, 2013

Manly Statues

A long time ago, it was practical that when you built a new stuck statues on the front, the top, or the sides.  It made a statement about the character of the building, and those who worked in it.

If you walk around German cities enough, you tend to notice a lot of this.

Mostly in the US....around these industrial suburbs that we've developed over the past fifty's mostly some fancy landscaping....a big "name" sign in front of the building....and if there is's mostly stuff that doesn't make sense.

A German guy could walk into a building like this....approaching from the street or subway exit, and casually walk up and admire the "godly-like" character on the building....get himself an attitude....and walk in to do dynamic and demanding tasks.

Of course, an American company would review the German view of statues....then start pumping out a bunch of Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman statues for company ornament.  Yeah, we are that bold and stupid.

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